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people's pilates houses 9 reformers, features 2 skylights and provides the perfect environment for a great workout.

Intro to pilates

beginner • foundational flows

this class is designed to help you grasp your instructor’s cues, execute movements on the reformer with proper form, and enhance your understanding of each exercise's effectiveness and safety. this beginner-friendly class goes beyond by including a comprehensive overview of the machine, ensuring that first-timers feel confident and familiar with the pilates reformer. this introduction to people’s pilates is not just a class; it's a vital step toward success on your fitness journey!

strength & mobility

beginner • foundational flows

embark on a journey into enhanced flexibility and mobility with our reformer: stretch and mobility class. tailored for all levels, including first-timers, this class guides you through purposeful movements on the reformer, seamlessly flowing through mobility-focused sequences. experience a dynamic and invigorating journey that not only enhances mobility but also fosters improved flexibility, paving the way for success on your path to overall well-being!


barre + pilates
intermediate • balance & toning

experience the harmonious fusion of barre and reformer pilates in our unique reformer: barrelates class. uniting the sculpting power of barre with the precision of reformer pilates, this fusion workout is designed to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the small muscles of the body. grab a reformer for a session that offers a blend of exercises similar to standard level 2, with a distinctive emphasis on enhancing strength, flexibility, and posture. this class brings a balanced focus on sculpting and cardio, providing a transformative and holistic approach to your fitness journey.

level 1

beginner • foundational flows

immerse yourself in a comprehensive full-body workout with our reformer: standard level 1 class. this course seamlessly guides participants through thoughtfully curated sequences, combining traditional and contemporary reformer exercises with a primary focus on building a strong core. prior familiarity with the pilates reformer is recommended for participants, ensuring a smooth integration into standard level 1. by the end of the class, you'll not only feel strong, stretched, and balanced but also enjoy the invigorating effects of a well-rounded and dynamic pilates experience.

level 2

intermediate • progressive flows

dive into an elevated pilates experience with our reformer: standard level 2 class, a more advanced and fast-paced session that integrates intricate sequences to challenge and enhance your pilates practice. building on the foundation of level 1, this class introduces participants to more advanced reformer exercises, offering a dynamic fusion of traditional and contemporary techniques. a solid understanding of the pilates reformer is essential for participants stepping into standard level 2. prepare to push your boundaries, elevate your strength, and achieve a heightened sense of balance and full-body engagement in this invigorating and advanced pilates class.

level 3

advanced • dynamic flows

elevate your pilates journey to new heights with our reformer: standard level 3 class, designed for experienced practitioners seeking an advanced and exhilarating challenge. this class moves at a dynamic pace, incorporating intricate and advanced reformer sequences that demand precision and strength. participants at this level are expected to have a strong command of pilates reformer techniques, having progressed through levels 1 and 2. brace yourself for an energizing full-body workout that not only refines your strength but also brings you to a new level of fitness achievement.


intermediate • cardio & strength

experience the dynamic fusion of strength training and cardio in our reformer: power class. this high-energy session brings intensity to your pilates practice, offering a fast-paced, full-body workout on the reformer. designed for those with prior experience in the standard classes levels 1 & 2, this class takes your reformer experience to the next level. brace yourself for a powerful and invigorating workout that not only challenges your strength but also adds a new dimension of intensity to your pilates journey.


intermediate • strength building

join us for an empowering voyage to enhance strength with our reformer: strength class. tailored for those with experience in our intro or standard level 1, this class expertly guides you through purposeful movements on the reformer, seamlessly transitioning through a series of strength-focused sequences. immerse yourself in a dynamic and empowering experience that not only builds strength but also fosters overall well-being, paving the way for success on your path to a stronger, more resilient you!



our mat room can be regulated to temperatures perfect for a hot pilates and yoga classes or keep cool for mobility and meditation classes.

pilates stretch & mobility

beginner • foundational flows

this session combines the principles of contemporary pilates with targeted stretches and mobility exercises to enhance flexibility, reduce tension, and improve your overall range of motion. as you flow through this dynamic workout, you'll work to increase your mobility while engaging in various stretches and movements, leaving you feeling revitalized. this class is open to all levels and will be conducted in a warm room (range: 75-85 degrees f).

hot pilates level 1

beginner/intermediate • foundational movements

join us for a level 1 heated mat pilates class that combines contemporary pilates exercises with modern movements and fluid exercise flows. improve your strength, flexibility, and balance in our heated room (95°f). perfect for beginners or those seeking a balanced and revitalizing workout.

hot pilates level 2

intermediate • progressive movements

join our level 2 heated mat pilates class where you'll build on the fundamentals with increased intensity and precision. in our heated room (95°f), you'll continue to blend contemporary pilates exercises with modern movements and fluid exercise flows. enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance as you take your practice to the next level. this class is designed for those with prior pilates experience and offers a dynamic and challenging workout.

hot pilates strength

beginner/intermediate • strength building

immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of contemporary pilates, weight training, and resistance band exercises. elevate your strength and boost your endurance. flow through this invigorating workout, incorporating weights and bands for a comprehensive strength-building experience. all fitness levels are welcome in our comfortably heated room (~95 degrees f).

hot yogalates




hot barrelates

barre + pilates
intermediate/advanced • strength-focused

experience the perfect fusion of hot mat pilates and barre in this dynamic workout. embrace the power of sculpting, lengthening, and engaging the smaller muscles of your body. this fusion class combines mat pilates with barre. expect a heightened focus on building strength, enhancing flexibility, and refining your posture in this unique fusion of techniques. open to all levels, heated to 95 f.

hot vinyasa yoga

all levels • dynamic flows


restorative yoga

all levels • relaxation

discover the profound benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation in our restorative yoga class. immerse yourself in a sanctuary of serenity as you flow through gentle, supported poses. this restorative practice is designed to release tension, enhance flexibility, and cultivate a deep sense of inner calm. open to all levels, our studio provides a peaceful haven for you to unwind and restore both body and mind through the therapeutic practice of restorative yoga.

yin yoga

all levels • relaxation

indulge in tranquility with our yin yoga class, where each pose unfolds in serene stillness, held for three to five minutes. this restorative yoga practice, designed to promote deep relaxation and flexibility, serves as a perfect complement to your pilates routine. immerse yourself in the soothing, candlelit atmosphere as you let go of tension and restore balance to your body and mind. all levels are welcome in our comfortable and inviting studio, offering a peaceful retreat for your yin yoga experience.

Other Classes

we have a 1000 square-foot outdoor area where we hold summer classes and special events.

grown up & child yoga
Grown Up and Child Yoga.png
pilates in the yard
yoga in the yard
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